Current Board: 2022-23

CCOEI would like to thank all of the members of the management committee and the MSC for their hard work and commitment. The promotion of harmony and social inclusion is at the heart of all our efforts, with our members ensuring that our advocacy effort is both practical and realistic.

We would like to introduce Our Board for 2022-23:

President: Daniele Noel

Secretary:  Pradeep Kanthan 

Treasurer:  Sally Wang

Ordinary Members: Krishani  Dassanayake, Saarah Ozeer, Bwe Thay, Jess Ness & Dilnaz Billimoria

CCOEI President: Daniele Noel

At the very core under my leadership, CCOEI will continue to pursue the visibility of diverse voices and the recognition of our multicultural community’s contribution across the eastern metro region.

I seek to inspire our like-minded, passionate and accomplished members and stakeholders to positively engage in discourse and actions that will enhance our collective voices and continue to advocate for change and ‘a seat at every table’.”