Migrant Settlement Committee

The Migrant Settlement Committee (MSC) is the standing committee of CCOEI. MSC helps service providers discuss and achieve better outcomes for migrants and refugees during both their initial and long-term settlement, with issues and gaps in services being addressed. Volunteering opportunities are open to all parties interested in assisting this cause, with further information being available below. MSC would also like to thank our partners for their ongoing support, information about our partners is available below.


MSC conducts meetings that are held on the first Friday of every month (excluding July and January). Meetings are chaired by two elected members of the CCOEI, with a review taking place at the meeting held in December. Meetings are attended by volunteers and representatives of local service providers, government agencies and non-government organisations. Together they advocate for migrant and refugee communities on a range of issues.

Training, knowledge, and resources are shared amongst services, reducing duplication of efforts and funding, leading to increased efficiency across the sector. Meeting themes cover a broad range of topics, with speakers being selected for their expertise on specific topics.