Past Events

Past events are available here, current and future events are available below.

CCOEI Multicultural Twilight Concert Series

From the 6th of September to the 18th of October, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, CCOEI put on a series of free online concerts highlighting musical and dance acts from various cultural and community groups. The program also featured important information about key programs designed to assist the broader community during this pandemic and beyond.

These concerts were a resounding success with the page reaching almost 29,000 people over the course of a month and gained support from the Victorian Multicultural Commission, the Victorian Government, the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria and more.

We would like to thank our incredible team for all of their work promoting and preparing these events. We thank both our MC and talent manager of the event Ken Pang and our technical liaison, video editor and producer Dan Martinez from Silver Dollar Media for their ongoing support.

All four of our concerts are available online by clicking on the posters below.

Annual General Meeting 2019

CCOEI would like to invite members and guests to attend our Annual General Meeting, with the Multicultural Excellence Awards for 2019 being presented by VMC Chairperson Vivienne Nguyen. Attached below are the details regarding the upcoming event.

AGM Invitation 2019

Together in Harmony 2019

CCOEI would like to thank our partners and attendees for showcasing the strength of local and newly arrived migrant communities. The flyer for this event is attached below.

Together in Harmony 2019 Flyer

VMC Commissioner Appointed

CCOEI would like to congratulate Bwe Thay for his appointment as a Victorian Multicultural Commissioner and we would like to thank him for his work on several projects over the years.

VMC Commissioner Announcement